Elite Femme Silicone/Water Hybrid Lube



Designed for the modern woman, Wet Elite Femme is an innovative hybrid fusion that offers the ultimate benefits of both water-based and silicone lubes. The proprietary formula is custom blended for those who love the ease of a water-based lube but are looking for the long-lasting pleasure and silky feel that silicone provides. The glycerine free formula is noticeably lightweight and is never sticky. Sleek enough for a purse and sexy enough for a special occasion, this colourless, odourless and lightweight lube is the perfect hybrid fusion for foreplay, intercourse or massage. Designed to mimic a woman’s natural moisture, Elite Femme Hybrid offers the comfort and peace of mind of a pure water base, with the sensual, long lasting silkiness of a silicone Sensual, Silky and long lasting. Compatible with most toys.

Bottle size 148ml

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