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Durex Play Cheeky Cherry lube is a sugar-free and sweetly flavoured lubricant with a thick consistency that will help users to avoid discomfort or soreness after sex.

Delicious and calorie-free, it comes in a small, easy-to-transport, user-friendly pump bottle with a non-spill cap. Just gently squeeze out a small amount and apply directly to any area for increased sensuality. This gentle lubricant also has warming properties that will leave skin with a sensuous silky feel. Because it’s water-based, it is safe to use with condoms and latex toys. It’s also non-sticky, non-staining, and can easily be washed off. Cheeky Cherry lube will provide plenty of moisture to prolong the pleasure or even to get the party started. It is safe for vaginal, oral, or anal sex, and is perfect for self-stimulation. Not sloppy or runny, Play Cheeky Cherry lube will make sexual playtime a lot more fun, tasty, and sensual!




Used For

Sex / Masturbation / Body Lick

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