Sensational Seven Textured Sleeves


Me you Us Sensational Seven textured sleeves add extra intensity to your pleasure. These sleeves can be worn on the penis shaft or on a vibrator, adding an extra layer of sensation where it counts.

This selection of seven sleeves offers incredible variety. You can choose from spikes, nubs, dots, bumps and more for personalised pleasure. These sleeves are super stretchy and are easy to pull onto your shaft or your vibrator.

They are latex and phthalate free for safe regular play.

These sleeves are waterproof for play beyond the bedroom – use them with a waterproof vibrator in the bath or the shower.

 The largest of these sleeves measures 6.75cm in length while the smallest measures 4.5cm.

They can be used with a water based lubricant.

These sleeves are an easy way to add extra sensation when you play – they’re great for couples pleasure and solo fun.

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