Pornstar-Fuckables-Morgan-Lee-Throat-Fuck-Stroker-Flesh-1-600x600Pornstar-Fuckables-Morgan-Lee-Throat-Fuck-Stroker-Flesh-2-600x600 (1)Pornstar-Fuckables-Morgan-Lee-Throat-Fuck-Stroker-Flesh-600x600

Morgan Lee Throat Stroker



The Morgan Lee stroker mimics the intensity of a real blowjob.

With the added benefit of an internal texture for extra sensation.

You get instant access to Morgan Lee as you indulge in oral fantasies.

The stroker is extremely detailed which has an open ended design for easy cleaning.

 This toy is made from silky TPE that’s soft, comfortable and is also hypoallergenic.

Add water based lubricant for enhanced experience.

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