Penis Shooter


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There’s nothing glorious about doing a shot. Let’s face it. You don’t actually like the taste of whiskey or tequila, and taking shots usually ends with you slumped over some sad excuse for a toilet. Your relationship with drinking alcohol straight is so bad that the only thing that could salvage the experience would be drinking out of a novelty glass.

What’s more novel than a brightly colored penis? Nothing, and that’s why our new Penis Shooter Shot Glasses make the perfect bar-room accessory or companion on your night out. Laugh about the hilarious shape of your four and a half inch tall glass as you slyly nurse a drink—or covertly spill some of it out in the sink. Everyone will be too busy laughing to notice how suspiciously sober you are. Even if they do notice, you can simply remind them what you’ve been drinking from and the entire thing will be forgotten.

These shot glasses are four and a half inches tall, which makes them a perfect size for mixed shot drink recipes. Various bachelorette party drinks go perfectly in these shot glasses. You can use them for straight shots of liquor, too, but be careful, because they hold more than a standard 1.5 oz shot.


Colour – Pink (one supplied)

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