Fetish Fantasy Sex Stool


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Treat you and your partner to new and exciting opportunities for sex positions with this Incredible Sex Stool from Fetish Fantasy.

You can take the weight off during sex and enjoy sheer weightless stimulation by using this cleverly designed sex stool.

The seat is made up of two wide, easy to clean, high strength TPU material.

The opening in the centre makes for some excellent sexual potential, meaning you and your partner can get closer to each other than ever before while enjoying new exciting positions.

This Incredible Sex Stool is made from resilient, durable materials to withstand even vigorous use. The frame is made from heavy duty tubular steel. It can also hold up to 300lbs.

The box provides some ideas to get you started on the route to more enjoyable and definitely more imaginative sexual activity with your partner. The stool is easy to set up in just three steps.

Full instructions are provided. This stool is so discreet you can store it in plain view – it simply looks like a normal chair or stool!

This Incredible Sex Stool also comes with a free love mask (blindfold) for additional sexual enjoyment options together.

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