Extra Strong


Ingredients: Ginko Biloba (leaf) 80mg, Rhodiola Sacra (root) 50mg, Ginseng (root) 90mg, Dodder Seed (seed) 60mg, Fructus Lycii (fruit) 90mg and Cinnamon (bark) 80mg. This box contains 450mg x 6 capsules.

Extra Strong Herbal Enhancement Tablets for Men (6 Capsules) Based on theories of Tibetan health and science, these Extra Strong Herbal Enhancement Tablets for Men are a combination of potent ingredients that are designed to maximise male performance in the bedroom.

Take no more than 1 capsule at least half an hour before sexual intercourse and without food on an empty stomach just with water. The extra strong ingredients can raise male libido levels, making it easier for him to become aroused.

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